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Contents SEN 60
Sustainable Energy News front page SEN 60
Women Theme: p. 2-9
Editorial: More Women Needed forDecisions
Break the “Glass Ceiling” on Sustainability
by Judit Szoleczky, INFORSE

Seeking Global Influences:
- “Don’t nuke the climate” Women Actions in Bali
- Women’s Role in the UN Climate Process: from Berlin to Bali and Beyond
- No Climate Justice without Gender Justice
- Women activities in February 2008 in Monaco

Local and Regional Efforts:
- Kyrgyzstan: Women’s Grass-Root Participation Brings Changes
- Bangladesh: 1000 Women Trained to Solar and Cookstoves
- Asia: CRT-Nepal Became Asia Coordinator for ENERGIA
- India: Follow-up of INFORSE Activities: Manuals, Jatropha, Open Uni, Soft Loans, Financing
- India: Micro-hydro Units in the Himalayas

Who is Who in the Women Theme?
LIFE e.v., Genanet, Gendercc, ENERGIA, WECF, Grameen Shakti, AIWC, UNISON, CRT/N, LEDEeG, INFORSE.

Europe p. 10-11

INFORSE-Europe Activities in 2008:
- EU Policies Open to Debate in Seminar in Brussels, April 8, 2008
- Sustainable Energy Week, January ’08
- NGOs Discussing Sustainable Energy in France in August or September, 2008
- Sustainable Energy Visions in Barcelona, on the 22nd Chernobyl Day, April 25-26, 2008
- INFORSE at Climate Conference in Poland, December 1-12, 2008
- Energy 21 - Again in the UK, September 19-21, 2008
- Project “Enabling NGOs to Promote Sustainable Energy in Belarus and Beyond”

EU Policy Update p. 11
- EU Energy & Climate Packet
- EU Ecodesign of Boilers, Light, and Much More

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