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Contents SEN 57
Front page SEN57
Editorial p. 2
Critical Mass Needed for Sustainable Energy

World p. 3
CSD Failed on Energy, New Global Initiatives Needed

Europe p. 4-7
INFORSE-Europe Activities:
INFORSE Adds Activities in 9 Countries
INFORSE-Europe Presents Sustainable Energy Vision for Latvia
Portugal Joins INFORSE Activities
New Round of Distance Education (DIERET) in English
DIERET in Russian
Renewable Exhibition in 13 Romanian Towns
Zero Carbon Britain
Masters Programme at CAT

EU Update:
Sustainable Biofuel Framework
European Sustainable Energy Week 2008 (EUSEW)
Ecodesign Implementation Speeding Up
Environmental State Aid
EU Energy Package Coming Up
Revision of EU Energy Markets

Serenade - Energy Advice

Asia: p. 8
Increasing South Asian INFORSE activities
Kazakhstan: Towards Green Energy

World: Nuclear p. 9
Record Uranium Price - What is Behind and What are the Consequences

Asia: p. 10-11
Can Sustainable Bioenergies Bring New Opportunities to Chinese Farmers?
Carbon - Minus Tokyo

Publications p. 11
Climate Change? Not with My Money!
Allocation Plans; Solar Power; HELIO.

Back Page p. 12
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