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Contents SEN 55
Front page SEN 55
Editorial p.2
Global Talks and the Need for Action

World p.3
- Outlook: Vulnerable and Dirty
- Climate Conference: a Small Step Forward
- Depleting Uranium Reserves

Theme: Vision 2050 p.4-6

Europe p.7-8
- Continued Support for Sustainable Energy (Intelligent Energy)
- New EU Energy Policy
- EU Energy-Efficiency Strategy
- European Sustainable Energy Seminar March 20, 2007
- INFORSE at RENEXPO, Augsburg
- Lithuanian Sustainable Energy or Ignalina3 ?
- Mediterranean and South East European Cooperation
- Structural Funds Overview
- Sustainable Development Solidarity in EU (Symposium)
- Black Sea and Caspian SeaCountries’ Cooperation

Theme: Women & Energy p.9-10
What is Striking is....
- Women, Energy and Water in the Himalayas - DVD and 3 Books, by ICIMOD, and UNEP
- Regional Reports on Women and Energy, ENEGIA’s Input to CSD

World p.11
- Ashden Award Given to Three INFORSE Organisations in 2006: Grameen Shakti, GERES, SWEA; Nobel Price for Grameen Bank

Publications p.10-11
- Catalogue of Small Windmills from 5 W to 50 kW, 2006
- SEI, Ireland CDs, DVD, pdf files

Back Page p.12
- Sustainable Energy for Poverty Reduction Manual, INFORSE-South Asia
- DIERET online education and CD, INFORSE-Europe

January 29 - February 2, 2007: EU Sustainable Energy Week
March 20, 2007: INFORSE-Europe, EREF, EUFORES - European Sustainable Energy Seminar, Brussels
April 19-21, 2007: RENEXPO® Central and South-East Europe, Budapest, Hungary
26 February - 2 March, April 30 - May 11, 2007: CSD 15 - New York.
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