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Contents SEN 16 Sustainable Energy News February 1997
front page SEN 16
Editorial: page 2
- RIO + 5 Years of Slowly Growing Awareness

World / INFORSE: page 3-4
- An NGO Follow Up of Rio:RIO+5
- Join the Global Energy Observatory
- Sustainability & Adult Education
- Sustainable Energy Trade Fair, Holland May '97
Africa: page 5
? Kenya Needs Renewable Energy

Americas: page 6
- Agenda 21 in Rio, Brazil

Europe: page 7
- INFORSE?Europe NGO Seminar
- No to Nuclear in Russia
- Sweden Stops Nuclear
- Energy Conservation Strategy
- EU Renewable Energy Strategy

Sustainable Energy Adult Education Review p. 8-9
CREST, University of Reading, CENSOLAR; CAT, Open University

Sustainable Energy Contacts European Part
12 pages (included)

Asia: page 10
- Wind Pump Success Stories, India
- Joint INFORSE Project in Thailand

Abundance of Rice Hulls Stirs Imagination in the Philippines p.11

Crete Blocked from the Sun? p.12

Wind Mills Waving to the Future in Russia p.13

Wind Pumping, How to Do It ? p.14

Developing PV markets, Kenya vs South Africa p. 15-17

Solar Energy to Light Up 1 Million Homes in Indonesia p.20

Publications p.18

Events p. 19
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Sustainable Energy News
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ISSUE #16. Sustainable Energy News (20 pages) (1997-02-01)
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