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Contents SEN 34
Frontpage SEN 34
Editorial p. 2:
- Turning Point for Climate - Time to Speed up in the Right Direction

INFORSE/World p. 3-5
- Kyoto Protocol in Bonn & Ahead
- Will Rio+10 Pass the Energy Litmus Test?
- New Push for a World Organisation
- UN for Sustainable Settlement - Towards Rio+10
- G8 Report on Renewable Energy

Africa p. 6-7
- Fresh Air Blows in the Asian Cookstove Network
- Active Women in India: Achievements and Plans

Asia p. 8-10
- Network on its Way in Ghana
- Harmful Subsidies Addressed
- INFORSE National Focal Point in Uganda Created

Americas p. 11
- USA News:
- Economic Boycott,
- Renewables Progress in USA,
- US Should Show Leadership in Emissions Reductions,
- US Coalition Urges Action on Climate Change

Europe p. 12-13
- Pan-European Energy Efficiency at a Crossroad
- INFORSE - Europe Meeting
- EU Directives on REs & Buildings
- K2/R4 Still Discussed
- EU Parliamentarians for RE
- EU En Route to Ratifying Kyoto
- Russian Nuclear Waste Import

Technical p. 14-16
- Pure Plant Oil: Clean Engine Fuel
Today & Tomorrow,
Folkecenter, Denark

Publications: p. 16

Events p. 17

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