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Wind Pumping Network in India
The concept of wind-driven water pumps is promoted in India by
the Wind Pumping Network, a recent formation from December 1995.
It is planned to be run by the Center for Scientific Research
(CSR), Auroville. In the coming years, the network hopes to
accomplish the following tasks concerning the wind pumps in
- improve existing designs;
- influence manufacturers to make the operation and maintenance
- formulate favorable government policies;
- investigate new ways of funding means of soft loans and credit
schemes from financial institutions.;
- increase awareness of advantages;
- formulate relevant standards and certification procedures for
the manufacture and installation.
Especially the last item is of great importance. Quality matters
are essential. Auroville happens to be one of the few
concentrations of working wind pumps in a country where a
stunning 80% of the installed wind pumps do not work. The network
looks at the bright side: with respect to the "12PU500" model,
which is particularly prone to failure, the network is interested
in the relatively few clusters that actually work and what one
can learn from these experiences.
In cooperation with manufacturer AUREKA, the CSR has developed
the highly successful, direct-drive, 5.5 m diameter AV-55. This
machine was found to be the most cost- effective wind pump being
manufactured in India.

Source: RERIC news, vol. 19, 1996.
More info: K. Raghavan, RENCON, E-36, IFS Appts., Mayur Vihar,
Phase 1, Delhi 110091
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