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REAP '96, October, Manila
Preparation for the 3rd International Renewable Energy Asia
Pacific Conference and Exhibition, REAP '96, is now in full
swing. This year, the event will be on 7-9 October 1996 in
Manila, the Philippines. It will focus on the Asia Pacific
markets of Australasia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the
Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.
<%-2>The Exhibition is a great opportunity to meet and make new
contacts within the whole renewable energy sector.<%-1>The
Conference attracts top-level speakers. In terms of marketing
strategies, project financing, policies and incentives for the
implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
i<%-2>n the Asia Pacific region, one can discover firsthand the
latest developments.
<%-2>The event is organised in co-operation with the Philippines
Department of Energy which announced that renewable energy
resources will be a major focus for its immense Energy Plan.
The previous conference in New Delhi, India, attracted 250
delegates from 23 different countries and the exhibition welcomed
over 2000 visitors. We are expecting a similar attendance for
this event as well.
The participation fee for delegates and exhibitors is a fixed
amount. However, we will consider requests for a reduced fee on
a case-by-case basis. Attendance of the exhibition itself is
free and open to the public.

More info: ADA, Alternative Development Asia ltd. 5/F 3 Wood
Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
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