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Adult Education: A Key to the 21st Century
UNESCO, in co-operation with several International Partners, will
launch the 5th International Conference on Adult Education
(CONFINTEA V) to be held in Hamburg, Germany on 14-18 July, 1997.
At this Conference, UNESCO intends to complement previous
conferences it has held, (e.g. Elsinore 1949, Montreal, 1960,
Tokyo, 1972 and Paris, 1985).
The conference aims at facilitating the participation of all in
sustainable development, promoting peace, empowering men and
women world-wide, and building a synergy between formal and
informal education.
In the context of the adult education 10 themes will be
1) Challenges of the 21st Century
2) Improving conditions and quality
3) Ensuring the universal right to literacy and basic education
4) Promoting empowerment of women
5) Changing world of work
6) Preventive security: environment, health and population
7) Media and culture
8) Groups with special needs
9) Economics
10) Enhancing international co-operation and solidarity

More info: UNESCO Institute for Education Ph:
+49-49-448041-0, fax: or
UNESCO, Ph/fax:+33-1-45681139/- 40659405, email:
INforSE was invited by UNESCO to take part in the preparations
of the conference and has taken a leading role on theme six,
adult learning and the environment. It has provided inputs and
suggestions to the Conference organisers to better develop and
define theme no. 6. The aim is to involve as many INforSE members
as possible in the Regional Preparatory Conferences. Several
INforSE member organisations, such as INSEDA & Central-European
Folk Academy, have already demonstrated an interest in this
initiative. INforSE also hopes to co-operate closely in this
effort with the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)
and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The focus
of INforSE activities in this theme will be to promote non-formal
adult training and capacity building in the area of environment
and sustainable/renewable energy development. Decentralised,
participatory, and non-formal educational strategies, involving
adult groups, will be the focus of all our programmes.
All INforSE member organisations are encouraged to participate
and collaborate in this effort.

More info: Rene Karottki or Natascia Petringa at the INforSE
Secretariat, Address see on page no. 2.
The Central European Folk Academy (CEFA) and Association for
World Education (AWE) invite all members of INforSE to a
preparatory meeting for the CONFINTEA V on September 1-4, 1996
at CEFA.
AWE, like INforSE, was asked by UNESCO to take responsibility
for a sub-theme of the conference: "Adult Learning and the
Challenges of the 21st Century". AWE is very interested to
develop a network with INforSE.
More info: Judit Ronai, CEFA, 9400 Sopron, Szt. Gy”rgy u.13,
Hungary, ph/fax+36-99-333 350.
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