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Climate Negotiations Coming Up
When the countries meet in Geneva in July for the second
conference on the Climate Convention (COP2), they will discuss
new scientific evidence on man-made climate change. The UN
Scientific Panel on climate change (IPCC) foresees in their
second report that:

- without mitigation of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, the
CO2 concentration in the atmosphere by sometime between 2030 and
2050 will be double the pre-industrial level, and the Earth's
mean temperature is projected to increase by between 0.8 and 3.5
degrees C by 2100, a rate faster than any observed during the
last 10,000 years.

- sea level is projected to rise by between 15 and 95 cm by 2100.
- climate change is likely to have wide-ranging and mostly
adverse effects on human health, with significant loss of life.
At the conference, the countries will make a declaration and
discuss set targets for the protocol to which they agreed at the
first climate convention conference in Berlin in March, 1995, and
that will be finished at the third conference in Japan in 1997.

A large number of NGOs, cooperating in the Climate Action
Network, hope that the countries will decide not to allow a
doubling of the greenhouse gases from pre-industrial levels (keep
the atmospheric concentrations below the levels, which would give
a combined effect equivalent to a doubling of pre-industrial
level of CO2 concentrations). Further, they ask the countries
to back this up with a strong protocol in 1997 to reduce the CO2
emissions of the industrialized nations after the year 2000.

If the countries decide to stabilize the greenhouse gas
concentration at the equivalent of a doubling of CO2 in the
atmosphere, the average global temperature will increase to 1.1
- 3.3 C above pre-industrial level. Even this increase can have
quite harmful effects to some natural ecosystems.

More info: Climate Network Europe, rue de Taciturne 42, 1000
Brussels, Belgium. Ph/fax:+32-2-2310180/-2305713,
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