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INforSE Coordinators' Meeting
The INforSE regional coordinators will meet again, September
10-11 and 18, in Harare, Zimbabwe, before and after the World
Solar Summit. On the agenda are INforSE activities for the coming
year, including:

- follow up of the World Solar Summit,
- monitoring Multilateral Development Banks,
- support fundraising for INforSE members and regions,
- prepare for UNESCO Conference on Adult Education,
- regional activities,
- a discussion of this newsletter based on the evaluation.
The issue "support fundraising" will include discussion of the
reports on international funding for NGO energy activities,
published by INforSE (see also p. 19), and the INforSE project
on training for NGOs in Eastern Africa, which is proposed as a
strategic project for the Solar Summit.
At the meeting will be discussed proposals from the regions, as
well as from individual INforSE member organizations.

Proposals for the meeting should be sent to the relevant regional
INforSE coordinator, or to the Secretariat. Proposals must be
received not later than September 1, 1996.
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