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New Federation of Renewable Producers
This July the “European Renewable Energies Federation” was formally created. It is a federation for associations in EU countries of energy producers based on renewable sources, such as: small hydro, wind, tidal, wave, biomass, solar, biogas, and geothermal sources. The Federation will support the establishment of realistic and fair pricing schemes for renewable energy on the basis of the internal EU market for energy. It will promote minimum-price schemes, because these have been most successful in supporting renewable energy for electricity.
The members of the Federation currently represent grid-connected renewable electricity producers with a combined capacity of more than 2,500 MW.

More information:
APPA (Asociacion de Pequenos Productores y Autogeneradores de Electricidad con Fuentes de Energia Renovables), att. Manual de Delas, Paris 205, 4’1’ 08008 Barcelona, Spain. Ph: +34-93-4142277, fax: +34-93-2095307, e-mail:
Bund fur Windenergie - Brussels Office, att. Dorte Fouquet, Avenue de la Fauconnerie 73, 1170 Brussels, Belgium. Ph: +32 2 6724367, fax: +32 2 6727016, e-mail:
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