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Pan-European Energy Efficiency to National Actions
Within the European ECO-Forum’s Energy and Climate Group, INFORSE-Europe will follow the process of transforming the unanimous decisions of the European countries at Aarhus’98 and other meetings into action. The decisions, e.g.
to phase out environmentally harmful
energy subsidies by 2005, shall be accompanied by a framework for how to do it, and how to evaluate it country by country. This will be discussed on September 20-24, when the Environment Committee of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) meets to discuss follow-up from Aarhus’98 as well as topics for the next environment ministers’ meeting in Kiev in 2002. It will further be discussed at the UN-ECE Sustainable Energy Committee meeting in November and at the coming meeting of the new Energy Charter Working Group for the Energy Efficiency Protocol. INFORSE-Europe and the ECO-Forum intend to participate in these meetings with observers, and speak out for tangible actions, nationally and internationally. We invite all interested NGOs to join the email list of the ECO-Forum energy and climate group, to be informed of these processes and maybe participate.

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