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Sweden Gives Zambia $600,000 US for Rural Power
A photovoltaic (PV) project is to be conducted in Zambia for a period of 5 years from 1998 to 2002. The project is expected to test and demonstrate a framework for providing electricity to rural communities outside the reach of the grid using Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Over half of the population lives in rural areas and only 2% of these have access to electricity. The project will initially cover four communities in the Eastern Province. The aim is that the results would help to improve the living standard of people in the rural areas. The project will also promote business, especially micro and small-scale agro-related enterprises, which in turn will contribute to the improvement in the levels of income and of the Zambian economy as a whole. The $600,000 US is being given by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Additionally, the project is being co-funded by the German GTZ, which is providing almost $30,000 US. The project is in line with Zambia’s energy policy of promoting optimum supply and utilisation of energy in indigenous forms. More information: SEI, Stockholm Environment Institute Box 2142, 10314 Stockholm, Sweden. Ph:+46-8-412-1400, fax:+46-8-723-0348, e-mail:,
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ISSUE #22, Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1998-09-01)
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