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Consultative Meeting By AFREPEN/FWD, Kenya, INFORSE regional coordinator
The Consultative INFORSE Meeting brought together participants from 9 countries of the region. It was organised together with another meeting on Renewable Energy Technology (RETs) held in April, 1998 in Kenya. The objectives of the Meeting were to: Introduce INFORSE to potential new members; Review the progress of INFORSE activities in the region; Discuss possible regional activities; and discuss an action plan for east and southern Africa. The meeting commenced with an introduction to the following aspects of the INFORSE network: structures; overall objectives (e.g., providing organisational and lobbying support in various forms); activities undertaken by the members in the past (e.g., participation in various summits, drafting campaign paper, contribution of articles on regional developments to Sustainable Energy News). This introductory session was followed by discussions on how the above aspects can be integrated into the regional network, and of possible methods of strengthening them. The discussion focused on the need to improve: exchange of information through networking; creation of energy projects and activities; promotion of international collaboration in the south; recruiting of new members. The issue of South-South-North cooperation was also extensively debated. After the session, several NGOs expressed their interest in joining the INFORSE network. Additional issues that participant raised which can improve the Network Activities included: Alerting relevant organisations in the region to the existence of the INFORSE network. The need for strong national networks was emphasised. Training members in report/proposals writing. Different donors prefer different structures, frameworks, and approaches. The INFORSE secretariat in Denmark was asked to provide documentation on project proposal-writing. Use of the conferences, workshops, and meetings to lobby for support. Numerous conferences are taking place at national, regional, and global levels. Members can have an impact, influence events or developments at these levels if resources to participate are available. Participants endorsed the east and southern African Action Plan including: Input to the UN Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD9); Study of the job creation potential of renewable energy technologies; Assessment of the level of penetration of selected RETs, such as improved stoves; Assessment of RETs’ local production capability; Exchange of information with Asia. Two field visits were conducted to: - The Chloride Exide Kenya Ltd. battery manufacturers, located in the industrial area of the city. In addition to batteries, they also supply solar systems; and - The Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s wind turbine installation at Ngong Hills, about 40 km from the city (See photo). Information: INFORSE regional coordinator. FWD - Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination P.O. Box 30979, Nairobi, Kenya. Ph: +254-2-566 032 or 571 467 Fax: +254-2-740 524 or 561 464 E-mail: att. Stephen Karekezi, Timothy Ranja
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