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INFORSE Climate Actions
During the Climate Convention negotiations, that will take place on November 2-13, INFORSE will be active in a number of initiatives.
* The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is the focus of a workshop on 2 Nov. and of policy work. The aims are to increase NGO involvement in CDM projects as well as to increase the likelihood that CDM projects will decrease global greenhouse gas emissions not just on paper, but in the real world. * Actions for development of renewable energy in large scale with a press conference on wind power on 6 Nov. (see below) and a workshop on 12 Nov. about CO2 reductions through large-scale use of renewables. Information: INFORSE Secretariat and REJIMA, Mario Bravo 1029 piso 4 depto. A, 1175 Buenos Aires, Argentina, ph/fax:+541-963-0722, e-mail:
Global Action Plan: 10% Wind Power
In connection with INFORSE ideas about large-scale renewable energy, the Danish INFORSE member, Forum for Energy and Development, proposed a 'Global Action Plan for Wind Power' with the target of obtaining a sustained 10% of the global electricity supply from wind power by 2017. The action plan was made public at a press conference in Buenos Aires on 6 November. It includes the following major elements:
ù Increased installation of wind turbines in developed countries, with binding targets for countries that
have good wind resources and with a mandate to establish conditions favourable to investment in
wind-energy systems by local communities, utilities, and others.
- Establishment of programmes for transfer of wind power technology to developing countries and to countries in transition.
- Financing from international institutions for large-scale implementation of wind power in developing countries, including use of the CDM when it has been established.

Countries that are currently leaders in the use of wind power, e.g., Denmark and Germany, are urged to play a major role in the plan by supporting pilot actions. The plan should be part of a future global climate strategy and will be proposed for CSD9* in 2001.
The plan is based on a report entitled, 'Ten Percent of the World's Electricity Consumption from Wind Energy - Is That Target Achievable?', in which two scenarios are analyzed:
- 'recent trends' with a tripling of installed capacity 1997-2002 and continued supportive framework conditions, including fair access to electricity grids and support for technology transfer. This will lead to a tenfold increase of wind power capacity 2002 to 2012 and another fivefold increase 2012 to 2026, where it is assumed that 1 mill MW of windturbines will cover 10% of world electricity demand.
- 'international agreements' with a tripling of installed capacity from 1997 to 2002. The above-mentioned supportive framework is to be augmented by international agreements with targets for all countries/regions as well as with funding for technology transfer and investments. In this scenario, it is assumed that 1 mill. MW of windturbines will cover 10% of the world electricity demand by 2017 and that the growth will continue , reaching 2 mill. MW shortly after 2030.

The second of these scenarios is the basis of the proposed plan. If it is realised, CO2 reductions in 2010 will reach 232 Mton of CO2, equal to 30% of the 775 Mton CO2 reductions that the Kyoto Protocol stipulates for developed countries for the period 1990-2010. By 2025, CO2 reductions from wind power will amount to 2,500 Mton, over 10 times that of 2010.

Source: Report by BTM-Consult, Denmark. The text is available from the INFORSE's

*CSD9 is the 9th session of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development. This session will be dedicated to sustainable energy.
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