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European Energy Conservation Activities
For the Environmental Ministers Conference in Aarhus, June 1998, a guideline was made for energy conservation in Europe. The ministers further decided to take various actions to increase energy efficiency in Europe (see Sustainable Energy News 21 and 22). While it is up to each country to use the guidelines, a follow-up of common actions is under way in several international forum. The UN-ECE committees on environmental policy and on sustainable energy are both discussing follow-up. The issue is also discussed as part of the work on the energy efficiency protocol for the European Energy Charter.
From NGO-side, INFORSE-Europe and the Energy and Climate Working Group of the ECO-Forum will follow the activities. We will:
- follow the UN-ECE work including the Environmental Committee meeting on September 20-24 and the Sustainable Energy Committee meeting in November, both in Geneva.
- follow the international working group on the Energy Charter Protocol from its first meeting, June 10-11 in Brussels
- evaluate the effects and opportunities of these international activities
- develop NGO follow-up activities, e.g. NGO-based evaluations of progress, NGO-proposals for activities
The members of the Energy and Climate Group and INFORSE-Europe will receive further information by email in May.

Collections of success stories was one of the NGO contributions to the European Energy Conservation Initiative in 1998. The publication is available at INFORSE-Europe. Address: Gl. Kirkevej 56, 8530 Hjortshoj, Denmark.
fax: +45-86227096, e-mail:, and

More information: INFORSE-Europe,
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