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Women as Key Players in Renewable-Energy Development
Women, at last, have been identified as one of the key players in the management of energy resources.
Women’s Role in the NGO Forum
Women’s role in matters concerning environmentally friendly renewable-energy technologies was discussed at a symposium on April 2, 1998 at Vigyan Bhavan, India. It was organised by All India Women Conference (AIWC), an NGO network of 300 grassroots, and by CASE Australia & India, and REPSO Winrock International. The symposium was held during the first series of meetings associated with the Global Environmental Facility, March 29 to April 3, 1998, as part of a three-day NGO Forum that ran parallel to the official sessions. There were 75 participants representing NGOs, the organisers, and the International Centre for Environment and Development, Geneva; the Government of India; and Development Alternatives, India. The AIWC presented some of its 15-year, first-hand experience with the central role of women in the development, adoption, and use of environment-friendly technologies. Slides shown gave participants glimpses of the National Program of Improved Woodstoves and National Program of Biogas Development that are being implemented by the AIWC members. The symposium’s key conclusion was that women are key contributors to, entrepreneurs in, and beneficiaries of sustainable development; yet, they lack visibility and empowerment in these roles. Concerning promotion and adoption of environment-friendly renewable-energy technologies, the following issues were discussed: Supporting the role of women Income generation at local levels Role of NGOS
Join Future Workshops, Make Them A Success
September 20, 1998, Italy, and November 26-27, 1998, India We from the AIWC invite INFORSE members to participate fully and make our workshop a success at the World Renewable Energy Congress V in Italy, and ISREE-6 in India. See event details in the events list on page no. 19. More information: Lalita Balakrishnan, AIWC, Sarojini House, 6 Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi 110001, India. Ph: +91-113389680, fax: +91-113384092 e-mail:
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ISSUE #22, Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1998-09-01)
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