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Women and Renewable Energy
Rural women and children involved in the collection and transport of firewood are facing great problems. The day of the rural women in WAFD’s project area starts at 4.00 a.m. in the summer and 5.00 a.m. in the winter. During the entire day each woman is busy, either cooking or looking after the domestic animals or farming operations or collecting firewood or looking after the children. She is the first to get up in the family and, at the end of the day, she is the last to sleep. Biogas, smokeless chulla, and pressure cookers can greatly reduce the drudgery of women in cooking. WAFD experience shows that there is a big need for introduction of affordable devices for energy conservation and efficient utilisation of available energy. This could be done by appropriate awareness- and educational programs as well as by motivating and encouraging the rural people to use these devices. Service facilities should also be created at the local level for renewable technologies. Funding agencies should treat the rural energy program as a developmental program that would improve the health of women and children, remove the drudgery, and save time, leading to improving women’s and children’s quality of life, instead of treating it just as a techno-economic program. Therefore, it is necessary to have liberal financial assistance for the promotion and implementation of RETs. WAFD is member of INSEDA, AIWC, and INFORSE. Contact: c/o INSEDA.
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ISSUE #22, Sustainable Energy News (16 pages) (1998-09-01)
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