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Energy Sector in Transition: Asian Perspective
International Conference Including INFORSE Workshop
25-27 October 2000, Ubol Rachathanee, Thailand
The expected participants, around 70 persons, are the NGOs and academic persons in East and Southeast Asia, policymakers mainly from Thailand, and some resource persons from developed countries. Moreover, the Regional INFORSE Workshop invites NGOs and academicians to discuss future co-operation and working plans.
East and Southeast Asia are among the most dynamic regions of the world. Many changes are taking place in the energy sectors of these regions. Their energy consumption has been rapidly increasing in these emerging economies, leading to more energy generation as well as to related social and environmental problems.
The privatization process has been going on both in the first and the second generation of newly industrialized countries, including South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. All of these changes will have significantly effects on the future of sustainable energy in these regions, not only in terms of bias against alternative technological development, but also in terms of unfavorable market regulation of renewable energy and energy-efficient technology.
The Thai-Danish Cooperation on Sustainable Energy, in collaboration with the Danish Organization for Renewable Energy (OVE) and with the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE), will therefore hold the above international conference with the objectives of discussing and analyzing the changes taking place in the energy sector as well as the potential for strategic direction towards more sustainable energy development for this region.
The situation of sustainable energy development; presentation of scenarios for liberalization and sustainable energy development based on the experiences of various countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, and Denmark; and the options for various aspects of sustainable energy development will be constructively discussed at the conference. The invited speakers include:

* Michael Kvetny, INFORSE, Denmark
* Raymond Myles, Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association (INSEDA) , India
* Grainne Ryder, Probe International, Canada
* Tetsunari Iida, Green Energy Law Network, Japan
* Athena R. Ballestero, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Philippines
* Witoon Permpongsacharoen, Towards Ecological Recovery and Regional Alliance, Thailand
* Peter du Pont, International Institute for Energy Conservation-Asia Office, Thailand

More information:
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Muang, Nonthaburi Province 11000 Thailand.
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