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Income Generation (Theme)
This theme describes a number of ways in which renewable energy and energy efficiency create new income opportunities, especially for rural communities and/or in regions with unemployment problems.
In many cases, local renewable energy is the best, or the only, way to provide a reliable energy supply for rural development. This is a sometimes overlooked role of renewable energy. To fulfil that role, renewable energy technologies must be able to provide stable and more concentrated energy supply than, for instance, when used only for lighting or cooking.

The articles within this theme are just a few of many examples and considerations on the topic. We invite our readers to send additional examples as well as comments. We will use those materials in a follow-up in a coming issue, and will make the information available on the Internet.

The Editors

Theme Contents:
Mango Drying for Export Income
Barbados Employs the Sun to Heat Water
Micro Hydro Making Business
Power Controller to Economic Growth
Record Wind Employment
Heat-Saving Jobs and Companies
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ISSUE #30 (683KB) 18 pages (2000-08-11)
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