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INFORSE Activities Planned for UNFCCC COP4 Buenos Aires, November 2-13, 1998
At the Climate Convention’s 4th Conference of the Parties, INFORSE will focus on the planned Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) and on renewable energy as a key to CO2 reduction on a large scale. Apart from political lobbying, press work, etc., the most important activity will be the two workshops outlined below. They are both included as side-events in the official program.
Clean Development Mechanism Workshop, November 2, 1-3 p.m.
How can the CDM be an efficient tool for sustainable and renewable energy development in Non-Annex-1 countries (i.e. developing countries) The objective of the workshop is to discuss and to develop recommendations on how the resources allocated for CDM and other international financing mechanisms could be channelled most effectively into sustainable-energy activities that meet the national and local development goals of Non-Annex-1 countries. Maximising the roles of local authorities, companies, and NGOs in large-scale sustainable energy programs is of particular concern.
Renewables in Large Scale Workshop November 12, 1-3 p.m.
CO2 reductions through large-scale use of renewables. Key actors and alliances; present and future initiatives. The workshop will highlight the important role of renewable energy in reduction of CO2 emissions. Emphasis will be placed on the mechanisms, alliances, and action needed to make renewable energy the most important source of energy on a global scale. The INFORSE activities for COP4 are organised in co-operation between the INFORSE Secretariat and the INFORSE regional coordinator, REJIMA. The Secretariat will appreciate to be informed on INFORSE member organisations that will be participating in COP4 in order to discuss their contributions to and suggestions for INFORSE activities. Please Contact: INFORSE Secretariat: PO Box 2059, 1013 Copenhagen K, Denmark Ph: +45-3312 1307, Fax: +45-3312 1308E-mail:,
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