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Sustainable Hydro?
The World Commission on Dams (WCD) is an international commission that will undertake a global review of the developmental effectiveness of large dams. It will develop internationally acceptable criteria and guidelines for future decision-making on dams. It is an independent commission with NGO participation. The WCD was established in May 1998 and is due to finalise its main report in August 2000. Its activities are the largest effort thus far to collect knowledge and to establish guidelines for sustainable development with dams. The WCD offers a large number of studies of dams, results of regional consultations, and a draft report. All of this is available from the WCD website. The last major event in the WCD process in this year is the regional consultation for Africa/Middle East, December 8-9, 1999 in Cairo.

Information: WCD, 5th floor, Hycastle House, 58 Loop Street, PO Box 16002, Vlaeberg, Cape Town, South Africa. Ph: +27 214264000, fax: +27 214260036,,
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