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CD - Energy for Sustainable Development Library 1.0 - 2002
CD ROM including copies of Sustainable Energy News (INFORSE´s newsletter) until 2002, and several hundreds of other publications.
It is searchable and includes illustrations.
The publication of this version (ESDL 1.0) includes the UNDP´s World Energy Assessment

More information:
The CD ROM can be ordered from:
Humanity Info NGO:

Most of the latest issues of Sustainable Energy News are available in pdf format from the INFORSE website: .

Part of the CD ROM e.g., Sustainbale Energy News issues in between 1992-1999 (Nr .1 - Nr. 24 - under organisation: INFORSE) are also available online at:
World Environmental Library 1.1

The Sustainable Energy News issues in between 1997-200 (Nr. 16 - Nr. 35 - Under organisation: International Network for Sustainable Energy) are also available - at the CD ROM - Human Info NGO Educational and Development library -,
which is also available online at the Southern Alberta Digital Library Center in cooperation with the New Zealand Digital Library Project, GreenStone Librarian interface:
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