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Renewable Energy on Small Islands - First Edition April 1998
In the first global overview of renewable energy on small islands is information on 82 islands with experiences with renewable energy and/or plans for future developments. Below major findings and the report in PDF-format (for free)

On behalf of the Danish Council of Sustainable Energy has Forum for Energy and Development (FED) conducted a global overview of renewable energy on small islands.


The review was finished in April 1998 and the main conclusions of the report are:

Despite the fact, that the majority of islands around the globe today, are dependent on imported fossil fuels for the majority of their energy needs, especially for transport and electricity production, there are some small and medium islands, which have a significant proportion of their energy needs covered by renewable energy. Further today there already exist a few islands, which met some of the characteristics of a Renewable Energy Island (REI). A REI is an island, which over a period of a few years will be prepared to change 100% to renewable energy.

Among others the following islands have a very extensive use of renewable energy sources: La Desirade (Guadeloupe, France), Nanao Island (China), Pellworm (Germany), and Reunion (France).

Among others the following islands have ambitious renewable energy goals in the short and medium term: Aeroe (Denmark), Bornholm (Denmark), Guadeloupe (France), Samsoe (Denmark), Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Gotland (Sweden), Madeira (Portugal), Marie Galante (Guadeloupe, France), Nanao Island (China), and Pellworm (Germany).

A Second Edition from August 2000 is also available in PDF-format for free on this homepage.

The Forum for Energy and Development was closed down in June 2002. The function of the Island Secretaiat moved to the Forum for Renewable Energy Islands, Samsoe Island, Denmark. In 2014, the platform GREIN - Global Renewable Energy Islands Network was established by IRENA. More information:

The report can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format (674 kb) below.
File: renewable_energy_on_small_islands.pdf
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