Report by Grigori Dmitriev, VetrEnergo for Gaia Apatity and INFORSE-Europe
First Part - June 2001


Introduction &  Summary

1. Wind Energy in Russia ( word file 43 kB)
 1.1 Short historical review
 1.2 Wind energy - State of the art in modern Russia
 1.2.1 Russian windmills manufacturers
 1.3 The main priorities of the official energy policy of Russia

2.  Wind Energy Resources in Russia ( word file 37 kB)
 2.1 Possible regions for wind energy prospect developments
 2.2 European part of Russia
 2.3 Asian part of Russia

3.  Assessment of Wind Energy Development Prospects in Russia in 2010-2020 (coming)
  3.1 General quantities and qualitative estimations
  3.2 Possible scenarios
  3.4 Necessary institutional preconditions for facilitation of wind power development

4. Possible Prospects for Wind Energy Developments on Kola Peninsula as the Example for Russia ( word file 273 kB)
 4.1 Short geo-economical characteristics
 4.2 Structure and situation of the energy sector
 4.3 Kola peninsula wind power resources
 4.4 Prospects of wind power developments in Kola peninsula

Policy recommendations (coming)
References (coming)


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