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Report by Grigori Dmitriev, VetrEnergo for Gaia Apatity and INFORSE-Europe


The report gives an overview of the past and present state of the art of wind energy in Russia; the estimation of the total wind power resources of Russia, as well as figures of wind power resources, which can be utilized as energy sources in Russia up to 2020. It describes the preconditions and gives policy recommendations, which permits to develop large-scale wind energy utilization in Russia.
In the last part of the report, concerns are worked out to the perspectives for Murmansk region's large-scale wind energy utilization. Based on these, there are  formulated the main statements of the energy policy suitable for implementation in Russia, as a whole.

The report was fulfilled according to the initiative of the NGO network INFORSE, and is one of the results of the project “INFORSE Europe and Latin America Participation in Global Wind Campaign”, which also includes similar reports of Western Europe as a whole, Ukraine and the Cono Sur countries in Latin America.

The procedure of estimation of large scale wind energy prospects and developments in Russia was carried out from the example of assessment, used in "Wind Force 10: A Blueprint to Achieve 10% of the World’s Electricity from Wind Power by 2020” and in the above mentioned report on European developments “Wind Power for Western Europe – a Proposal for the Coming 20 years”. The final target of the activity is the intention to promote covering 10% of world electricity consumption by wind energy, and to define the possible contribution of Russia in this figure.

In the present report, attempt is made to estimate possible and probable contribution of Russia in today's complicated political- and economical circumstances, compared with developed Western European countries, in order to achieve the global target – to produce 10% of the world’s electricity consumption by wind energy in 2020.
This target was formulated by the NGO network INFORSE, as well as Greenpeace International, European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), Forum for Energy and Development of Denmark and others.

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