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Training Centers


The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

What is the Folkecenter?
Established in 1983, the Folkecenter is a visitor and training center devoted to spreading and demonstrating information on renewable energy. The Center is also doing research, development, testing and implementation of innovation within the renewable energy field and other environmental technologies. The Folkecenter is member of INFORSE-Europe.

What Can Visitors Find?
- Test site for different types of windmills up till 30 kW.
- Exhibition hall with different types of wind turbines and windmill blades.
- Exhibition of several types of solar water-heating collectors.
- Different type of solar cells (PV) on the roofs of buildings and integrated in windows.
- A plant oil laboratory to supply cars running on pure plant oil (i.e. rapeseed).
- Hydrogen plant and filling station for cars.
- Cars powered by plant oil and hydrogen.
- “Biodome”, a greenhouse, where aquaculture techniques are implemented.
- Green waste water treatment based on biological systems.
- “Plus Energy House” a house which produces more energy than it consumes (exhibiting several wave energy models, a small-scale biogas plant and mobile insulation material in the facade.)
- Straw bale house where visitors can see different insulation materials and renewable energy equipments
- Test site for wave energy devices (located in Nissum Bredning).
- Octagonal Conference Hall seating up to 200 people.
- Small shop and library

Guided Tours
There are possibilities for: Self Guided Tours, and Professional Guided Tour for Groups.

Which Services are Provided?
- Visitor and demonstration center
- Short training courses and workshops (i.e. “Do-it-yourself” course on solar heating systems, car conversion to run on plant oil, etc).
- Consultancy to manufacturers, local consumer groups, and initiators in the renewable energy field.
- Trainee possibilities for 3-6 month periods.
- 3-month training period of the 10-month WWEI program started in 2007.

INFORSE Seminars
INFORSE-Europe organised Seminars at the Folkecenter in 1990, 1993 and 2001 (proceedings).

Articles in Sustainable Energy News:
The issues can be downloaded from the web site of INFORSE.

  • The World Wind Energy Institute (WWEI) Starts 10-month Education in May 2007
    The Folkecenter is part of this international program.
    Issue No 56, p. 9, April 2007 (pdf file 1,7MB)
  • One Week at the Folkecenter: Featuring INFORSE member organisations
    Article by an INFORSE-Europe trainee visiting the Folkecenter
    Issue No. 53, p. 8, June 2006 (pdf file 481kB)
  • Pure Plant Oil: Clean Engine Fuel Today & Tomorrow, Folkecenter
    Issue No. 34, p. 14-15, August 2001 (pdf file 705kB),
  • Stand Alone Mobile Hybrid PV-Wind Plant at Folkecenter
    Issue No. 25, p. 10-11, May 1999 (pdf file 536kB)
  • Eco-Demonstration Centers.
    Article iIncluding the Folkecenter on page 13-14.

    Issue No. 24, p. 12-15, February 1999. (pdf file 230kB)
  • Solar-Cell in the View, Solar cell integrated windows, Folkecenter
    Issue No. 21, p. 12-13, May 1998. (pdf file 1,1MB)
  • Plus-Energy House in Denmark, Folkecenter
    Issue No. 13, p. 14-15, June 1996
    . (pdf file 1,4MB)
  • Biofuel for Transportation: Adapt the Motors to the Fuel, Folkecenter
    Issue No. 6, p. 10-11, September 1994. (pdf file 1,7MB)
Name and type of project
The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy
Training, Demonstration and Development Center
Starting year 1983
New local jobs 5, and trainee possibility for 5-10 people
Number of similar projects None in Denmark. (Artefact in Germany, CAT in UK.)
Contact persons for 
further information

Jane Kruse
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Kammersgaardsvej 16, Sdr. Ydby
Hurup Thy, DK-7760, Denmark.
Ph: +45 9795 6600; Fax: +45 9795 6565