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Creation of Kazak Biogas
Training Center 'Azure Flame'

Pictures from the Biogas Study Tour
in Denmark, February 2004

Picture of the group in front of the SDU University.
Pictures visiting biogas plants in Ribe, Filskov, Gosmer, Hegndal, Fårborggård and a landfill gas plant. Read the detailed descriptions about the visited plants in the Study Tour Compendium in English (589 kB word file) and in Russian (414 kB pdf file).
Pictures visiting the Bioenergy Department of SDU, where Jens Bo Nielsen made a Seminar and an introduction to the laboratory.

Pictures from the Guided Tour by Gunnar Boye Olesen at the "Co-opeartive Society in Hjortshoj", where solar collectors and a woodpillet- and a woodchip-boiler providing heat for 65 families. More information:

Pictures from the Guided Tour by Jane Kruse at the "Folkecenter for Renewable Energy", which is a demonstration, development, and training center for renewable energy. (solar collectors, PV, solar architecture, wind, plantoil fuelled cars etc)
Picture from the presentation by Preben Maegaard on the Folkecenter's biogas technology concept, and the technology operational in Skinnerup Denmark, Lithuania and in Japan.
More information in the Study Tour Compendium (see above), and:


The participants of the Biogas Study Tour in Denmark were the representatives of the Project Partners:
Julia Kalmykova, Ecomuseum, Kazakhstan
Valentin Zhirkov, Ecomuseum, Kazakhstan
Georgiy Geletukha, REA, Ukraine
Yuri Matveev, REA, Ukraine

Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe, Denmark
Judit Szoleczky, INFORSE-Europe, Denmark
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen,
SDU, Denmark
Teodorita Al Seadi, SDU, Denmark