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Contents SEN 52
SEN 52 frontpage
Editorial p. 2
A Worldwide Energy Transition Is Needed, But...

World/INFORSE p. 3-4
• Energy and Global Sustainable Development
• INFORSE at CSD in May 2006,
Vision 2050 Side Event;
Sustainable Energy Watch Indicators to CSD
• Oil Peak Is Just Around the Corner -What Goes Up Must Come Down
• G8 vs Civil G8

World p. 5
• CherNObyl+20: Nuclear Power is NOT Safe, NOT Clean, and NOT Cheap
• Events: Where will YOU be on April 26, 2006?

Europe p. 6-8
• EU Update:
- Preparing New Energy Policies:
EU Green Paper & EU Ministers
- New Directive on Energy Services
- Biofuel Discussion
- Climate Review
• UK Energy Review
• New Wind Power Record
• Energy Brigades, Bulgaria
• PV to Georgia

Africa p. 9
• News From South Africa:
Renewables the Cheapest; Biofuels
• Ghana: Technical Training PV Course

America & Asia p. 10
• Hawaii Takes a Sustainable Energy Track
• California Goes for Solar
• Bangladesh: 30 New PV Centers Contributing to Women’s Empowerment

Publications p. 11

Events p. 11 - 12
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