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Contents - Contact List Asia, Africa, Americas 2001 in SEN 34
Front page of Contact List Asia, Africa, Americas 2001
14 pages
About 500 adresses of organisations working on sustainable energy: renewable energy and energy efficiency.
There are 90 INFORSE members on the list.

Please send us corrections!
Name of organisation:__________
Description: __________
Contact person: __________
Address: __________
Ph: __________
Fax: __________
e-mail: __________
http:// __________

e-mail changes to:

The list is sorted alphabetically according to the regions and then according to the names of the counties:
- Eastern Asia and Pacific
- South Asia
- Eastern Africa
- South Africa
- Western Africa
- Latin America
- Northern America
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ISSUE #No. 34 Contact List - Asia, Africa, Americas 2001 (115 KB pdf file) 14 pages (2001-08-05)
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