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Future Fossil-Fuel-Free Vaxjo
While the Swedish CO2 emissions are
expected to increase, the Swedish town Vaxjo (70,000 inhabitants) plans to reduce its emissions. The town council has unanimously decided to stop the use of fossil fuels, with an important milestone of 50% reduction in 2003 from 1993 levels. So far, the measures to achieve this aim include a cogeneration power plant fuelled with biomass, conversion of electric heating to biomass district heating, improvement in energy efficiency in companies, and free energy advice. With these activities, Vaxjo has managed to reduce overall CO2 emissions by 20% from 1993 to 1998, even though emissions from traffic continue to increase.
Vaxjo Kommun, att. Sarah Nilsson, Box 1222, 35112 Vaxjo Sweden. Ph: +46-470-41593, fax: +46-470-41580,
Climate Alliance/ Climail Europe,
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