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Project: EVD - Eco-village Development in South-Asia, 2015-17
NGO Cooperation project on Advocacy on Sustainable Eco-Village Development climate change, protect environment and reduce poverty.
Six NGO organisations of INFORSE-South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka) cooperate on a joint project to strengthen the advocacy of NGOs to promote sustainable village development to limit climate change, protect environment and reduce poverty.

The INFORSE members involved in South Asia are:
IDEA in Sri Lanka, CRT in Nepal, WAFD in India, INSEDA and AIWC in India, and Grameen Shakti in Bangladesh.

The Project is coordinated by an INFORSE-Europe member organisation, DIB, from Denmark.

There is cooperation with INFORSE Secretariat, INFORSE-South Asia and Climate Action Network - South Asia (CANSA), which are Partners of the Project.

Publications of the EVD Project:

• EVD Publication (60 pages): Eco-Village Development as Climate Solution: Proposals from South Asia
Link to the Publication's Contents

• UNFCCC Policy Briefs:
- UNFCCC SB 44 Policy Brief - May 20, 2016
- UNFCCC COP21 Policy Brief - December 3, 2015
- UNFCCC SB42 Policy Brief - June 10, 2015
Link to INFORSE-Asia Press & Positions

• Articles in Sustainable Energy News:
- Issue No. 79: 3-page article, November 2016
- Issue No. 78: 5-page article, May 2016
- Issue No. 77: 3-page article, December 2015
Link to Sustainable Energy News

• Proceedings of Events:
National and Regional Dialogues:
- India: June 28, 2016.
- Nepal: May 9, 2016.
- Sri Lanka: July 15, 2015.
- APAN Conference, 18, October, 2016.
Side Events at UN:
UNFCCC COP22, Marrakech: November 8 & 11, 2016
- UNFCCC SB 44, Bonn, May 20, 2016
- UNFCCC COP21, Paris, December 3, 2015
- UNFCCC SB 42, Bonn, June 10, 2015
Link to Proceedings at INFORSE-Asia EVD Project site

• Project Partner's Links to the Project:
- Sri Lanka:- IDEA's Link to the Project
- Nepal: CRT's Link to the Project
- India: WAFD' Link to the Project
- India/SAsia:INSEDA's Link to the Project
- Bangladesh: Grameen Shakti's Link to to the Project
- South Asia: CANSA's link to the Project
- South Asia: INFORSE-Asia's link to the Project
- Project Coordinator in Denmark: DIB's Link to to the Project

The Project is supported by the the Climate and Environment Fund of CISU - Civil Society in Development, Denmark.

Download the above Publications and see more details of the activities at INFORSE-Asia:
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