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INFORSE Congratulates: 48 countries commit to 100% Renewable Energy - 19 November 2016, COP22
INFORSE congratulates the 48 climate vulnerable countries that declared on the last day of the COP22 that they all will turn to 100% renewable energy until 2050.

We are really happy to see that they have chosen this bold, but also very sensible decision.
It gives hope for a fast global transition to a low carbon world, a transition that can make it possible to keep global warming near 1.5'C.
Their decision sends a signal to the world and sets a precedence for the many countries that still have not taken this decision.

We are also happy to see that the same 48 countries have decided to update their climate plans and their NDCs (Nationally Determined Commitments) to the Paris Agreement to raise their climate ambitions as soon as possible before 2020. All other countries should follow this shining example.

Read the Marrakech Communique of the 48 countries on

Among the countries are the COP22 host country, Morocco, other African countries such as Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Congo, Kenya, Senegal, Sudan Tanzania, and Tunisia, Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, the Latin American countries such as Costa Rica and Guatemala, and many island states from Dominican Republic to Tuvalu and Fiji, the next COP president.

Read on INFORSE's participation at UNFCCC COP22:

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