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Wind Energy Development in Poland

Poland has good wind conditions and an extended power grid as well as financing options of state and foreign aid.

Polish - Danish Cooperation
In 1990, a collaboration between the Polish and the Danish governments resulted in the erection of Poland's first two commercially produced wind turbines. They are situated near Gdansk in Northern Poland, in Lisewo and Swarzewo. The projects received financial support from the Danish state.

The wind turbine in Swarzewo was installed in cooperation between the Danish Folkecenter for Renewable Energy and Gdansk Electric Utility, with assistance from Ecobaltic Foundation in Gdansk. The Folkecenter supplied the turbine parts, while the tower and several essential parts were produced in Poland in order to build up a Polish know-how in the field. The 95 kW turbine is owned by Gdansk Electric Utility that has reported about the turbine's satisfactory operation in several articles published widely in Poland. It has now been in regular service for 6 years.

The installation in Lisewo is owned by the hydro-power station in Zarnowiec, which financed the site preparation and the grid connection. The Danish partners, Nordtank and Elsamproject, were responsible for the feasibility study, documentation, training, and the turbine parts. Also this turbine is operating to the satisfaction of the owners as well as of the neighbours.

Polish Windturbine Production
In 1994, the Polish company NOWOMAG started the first commercial production of Polish wind turbines. The prototype was a 100kW turbine. After that 160kW turbines were produced.

The fourth 160kW turbine was installed near the town of Kwilcz in 1996. It is owned by the municipality of Kwilcz, which financed 30% of the expenses. The rest of the investment was covered by the National Foundation for Environmental Protection.

In general, Kwilcz municipality is satisfied with the turbine. Also the neighbours seem content with it.

Name and type of project
Wind Power Plant in Lisewo
Wind Power Plant in Kwilcz
Starting year 1991 1996
Overall costs of the project 160,000 USD (power plant)
48,000 USD (foundation and grid connection)
119,000 USD (power plant)
29,000 USD (foundation and grid connection)
Energy amount produced 1,485,530 kWh  
Electricity selling price 0.06 USD/kWh 0.06 USD/kWh
Number of similar projects 2 4
Contact person Janusz Lobacz, EW Zarnowiec,
Gniewno 84-250, Poland,
Ph: +48 586 76 76 54, Fax: +48 586 76 75 35
Andrzej Jurek
ul. Kard. Wyszynskiego, Kwilcz 64-420, Poland,
Ph: +48 6129 15 065, Fax: +48 6129 15 264