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Wind Energy



Wind-Powered Water Heating for a Mountain Villa near Sofia, Bulgaria

On Vitosha Mountain, at a remote rest villa owned by a municipal company whose primary business is public park- and garden maintenance, energy to heat space and water was in short supply. When the power lines reached out to this area, the owners were faced with an unpleasant surprise: high electricity prices.

Very windy conditions are common here. Grid electricity bills to heat space and water would be extremely high.

This disadvantage turned to a benefit when it helped the owners to qualify for an European-Union grant, a PHARE Programme renewable-energy demonstration project.

Publicly supported maintenance was arranged, and a wind turbine was installed on a windswept clearing near the villa. It provides enough electricity to power a heat-accumulating electric stove and a hot-water tank. In this way, thousands of kilowatt-hours are saved every month; the exact amount varies according to the season.

Name and type of project 
 Wind Turbine Powered Space and Water-Heating Scheme 
Starting year   1997
Overall cost of the project   50,000 USD
Energy amounts produced   Approximately 30,000 kWh/year
Cost of energy replaced   0.05 USD/kWh
Contact person  Svetla Razmova
PHARE PIU, Commitee for Energy
4 Triaditsa St., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Vladimir Dvoretzky, AMEK
180 Rakovski st., Fl 2, Sofia 1142, Bulgaria
Ph: +359 2 659 024 fax: +359 2 659 024