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Sustainable Energy Successees

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Solar Energy


Simple Successes

Summer Solar Water Heaters
The simple solar water heater that has gained popularity in countrysides throughout the sunnier parts of CEE consists of a black metal container, 100 - 200 ltr. It is placed in the sun, often in a high position to create water pressure for a tap or a shower. It is using a simple pump, or with running water, when available. The heater in the picture is from the village of Periam in south-west Romania.

Glass-covered Balconies
Glass-covered balconies like those in this picture from the town of Stei, at Apuseni Mountains, in Romania are one of the most common means of saving energy in towns in CEE. In many places, unfortunately, they are the only option used. In Romania, the former communist authorities tried to ban them, but without success. With the difficult conditions for construction, the quality is mixed, and the appearance is not always nice.