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Hydro Power


Small Hydro-Power Plant in Jasenie, Slovakia

This small hydro-power plant in Jasenie was put into operation in 1924. It is owned by the nearby ironworks factory, which keeps the plant running in excellent condition.

Pipelines collect water from the three nearby valleys into a reservoir with a capacity of 9,000 m2 of water. The length of each of the pipes is more than 7 km. From the reservoir, an 850m-long pipeline feeds the water to the plant. The inflow of water, with a drop of 196 metres and a flow rate of 1.5 m3/sec., yields a power output of 2.3 MW, generated by two PELTON-type turbines (20 atm.). The smaller, single-blade turbine captures 0.5 m3/sec., while the bigger, two-blade turbine handles the rest of the water flow.

Annual production of electricity is approximately 12 mill. kWh for a relatively good year, such as 1996. Electricity produced in Jasenie is sold by the owner to the utility grid.

The plant has a good, stable production record, and the operators proudly plan to continue production well into the next century. This power plant has been a part of the countryside for many generations, and there are no complaints from the local people about the environment or fish population.

Name and type of project 
 Jasenie, Small Hydro-Power Plant in Slovakia 
Starting year   1924
Overall cost of the project   Not known
Energy amounts produced   12 mill. KWh/year
Cost of energy replaced   0.03 USD/kWh
How many local jobs   6
How many similar projects   Several dozens are in the construction or planning stages.
Contact person 

Ing. Longauer, Zeleziarne
Podbrezova, Slovakia  Ph: +421 867 6055130

Emil Bedi, Foundation for Alternative Energy - FAE
P.O.Box 35, 85 007 Bratislava, Slovakia
Ph/fax: +421 7 836 964