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Hydro Power


Small Hydro in Armenia

Currently, 29 small hydropower plants (less than 10 MW capacity) are in operation with a total capacity of 42.8 MW and average annual electricity generation of 107 million kWh. From the 24 small HPPs, constructed before 1957, 13 HPPs were privatized in late 1997, and 8 HPPs were written off. In the last 5 years, 11 new HPPs were constructed (total capacity 9.86MW), from which only one is state owned. Now in 2002, 11 private HPPs with a total capacity of 25.5MW are under construction.

The theoretical potential for hydropower resources of Armenia has been estimated to 21.8 billion kWh/year. This includes 18.6 billion kWh/year for large and medium rivers and 3.2 billion kWh/year for small rivers. The technically available potential is estimated to be 7-8 billion kWh/year, and the economically feasible potential is 3.2-3.5 billion kWh/year. The present average annual electricity generation by all hydropower stations in Armenia totals 1.6 billion kWh/year.

According to previous research in 1997 (CEEETA, Portugal and Institute Armhydroenergyproject), there is a possibility to construct 325 small HPPs with total capacity of 274 MW and average annual electricity generation of 833 million kWh. Of these small HPPs, 38 (with a total capacity of 70 MW) have been selected that are most feasible and attractive ones for the investments. To overcome barriers to receive credit arrangements for HPPs construction, the possibility to establish USAID sponsored revolving fund is under consideration. PA Consulting (UK) is involved in the organization of the Fund.

Below is presented a description of a typical new privately constructed small HPP:

Name and type of project
The small HPP “Amrakits-2“
Construction: Nov. 1999-April 2000
Rated capacity:
Electricity generation:
800 kW, grid connected
4 million kWh/year.
Tariff for sold electricity is:
Pay back period:

3.5 cents/kWh. (VAT included). (Population pays for electricity consumed at a rate of around 4.6 cents/kWh).
2-3 years

Budget: 190,000 USD,
Funding: Contributions of organization’s founders and proceeds of credit.
Environmental effect: The small HPP allows saving of 1.32 thou. t c.f./year and reducing of GHG emission by 2.16 thou. t CO2 /year.
Contact persons for 
further information
Owner:Production Co-op Shinarar (RA,Yerevan, Musaelyan St.)
Att. Mr. Artashes Sargsyan, PhD, Chairman of NGO EcoTeam,
Address: 22a Abovian St., apt 53, Yerevan, 375001, Republic of Armenia.
Ph/Fax: +3741 52-92-77