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Sustainable Energy News
School Theme

INFORSE-Europe's School Resource Database

Download all issues of Sustainable Energy News here.

Recent Articles on INFORSE's School Activities:

SEN #69 (June 2010) School Theme: pages 7-9
School Projects under Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)
SPARE in the 2009/2010 School Year and Forward.
See more on SPARE.
Download the whole issue at SEN

SEN #67 (December 2009) pages # 7 and # 8.
Reaching out to over 10,000 Schools in Ukraine
SPARE in Ukraine
, page #7,
(pdf file 1 page 133 kB)
See more on SPARE.

The Climate Caravan in Denmark - When Climate Education Works
By Janus Hendrichsen, OVE, Denmark, page #8. (pdf file 1 page 91 kB)

SEN #64 (April-May 2009), page # 9.
SPARE Conference on EECCA region on June 3-4, 2009, SPARE in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia.
By Yngvild Lorentzen, SPARE / FoE Norway.

See more at SPARE

SEN #63 (December 2008), page # 8.

SPARE Competition 2007-08, textbook, Results of the Energy Saving Day 2008.
By Olga Senova, SPARE

See more at SPARE

Issue #61 (July 2008)
YEP! - Young Energy People in schools, Partnership among 8 countries. Coordinated by INFORSE member SWEA. page # 4.

Issue #59 (December 2007)
SPARE: We can Contribute to Reduction of CO2 Emissions
Achievements and Goals p. 8
(1 page pdf file 326 kB)
Practical projects. New Competition in Russian and English. Deadline for 2007/2008 Competition
See more at SPARE.

Issue #58 (October 2007)
INFORSE "15 years Good Work for Our World"
Anniversary Issue where the INFORSE Energy & Climate Resource Database and the SPARE program is reviewed on p. 3.

Issue #57 (August 2007)
Portugal NGO Joins INFORSE Activities / SPARE p. 4

Issue #54 (September 2006)
New SPARE Competition of School Energy Projects in 2006-07 p. 5
New Call and Winners of 2005-06.
See more at SPARE.

Issue #53 (June 2006)
SPARE Goes Global p. 6. See more at SPARE.
ESEEF School Project and Conference in Budapest, April 2006

Issue #51 (December 2005)
Issue is : Communication; INFORSE-Europe's Education Project 2005 p. 5.

Issue #47 (December 2004)
Europe p.10-13
• Polish School Children “Concerned for the Earth”
Publications p. 15
• Green Power Vision and Strategy for Canada Aalborg University Study Possibility

Issue #44 (April 2004)
Europe /Asia p. 9
• Biogas Education Center in Kazakhstan

Issue #40 (April 2003)
Europe p. 6-8
• Slovenian NGOs: from the National Energy Program to Elementary Schools

Issue #39 (December 2002)

World/Education p. 11
• Education Possibilities (Finland, UK, Uganda)
Successes in Europe p. 12-13
• ARTEFACT, Successful Solar School & Center in Germany
• The First Romanian Energy Brigades in Action in a Kindergarten

Issue #33 (May 2001)
School Theme p. 9-13
• New Educational Network ESEE: Insight at the Conference (1 page, 52 kB pdf file)
• CREATE - Without Re-inventing the Wheel, Web-sites (2 pages, 154 kB pdf file)
• Start in the Kindergarten in Norway (1 page, 37 kB pdf file)
• The Powerful People : School Children in Ireland (1 page, 40 kB pdf file)

Issue #29 (May 2000)
School Theme: p.10-13
• "50,000 Children SPARE", European School Project by FoE Norway.
(2 pages, 101 kB pdf file)
• Teachers, Children Find Fun, School's Energy Forum in Denmark and in Thailand
(2 pages, 70 kB pdf file)