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Sustainable Energy News
Climate Theme

Download all issues of Sustainable Energy News here.

Recent Articles on Climate:

Issue #75 - 82
The issues include editorials, and several articles on climate and on UNFCCC COP 19 (Warsaw), COP20 (Lima), SB42 (Bonn), COP21 (Paris), SB44 (Bonn), COP22 (Marrakech), COP23 (Bonn/Fiji), SB48 (Bonn), COP 24 (Katowice) including INFORSE's views and participation on these conferences.
(There are no update of these references on this page from issue #74, but you can download contents and the whole newsletter from here)

Issue #74 (November 2012) Focus: UNFCCC COP18, Doha
Editorial: Beyond the Climate Talks
Climate COP: Crucial Decisions Ahead
INFORSE-HELIO side Event at COP18
INFORSE exhibition at COP18

Southern Voices on Climate Change Continues

Women at UNFCCC COP18
Gender Day - COP18

Issue #73 (June 2012) Focus: Rio+20
EUROPE: pp. 8-9
- Low Carbon Societies Network: Stakeholder Involvement in Scenarios

Issue #72 (November 2011) Focus: UNFCCC COP17, Durban
- The Need for Global Climate Negotiations and Local Actions
World p. 3
- COP17 - Time for Success or Failure of Global Climate Policy?
- INFORSE at Southern Voices Programme 2011-12
- Aviation Emissions: Countries for More Climate Change

Africa pp. 4-6
- Climate COP17 - Very Crucial to the Future of Africa

Sustainable Energy for Climate Mitigation: Cases pp. 8-9
- Carbon Credits for Household Biogas Plant under the “Gold Standard”
- Community Micro Hydro Power in Kenya
- Solar Driers and Lanterns in India
- Innovative Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) in Sri Lanka
- Improved Water Mills Replace Diesel & Electric Mills, Nepal
Back Page p. 12
- INFORSE Side Event and Exhibition at UNFCCC COP17, Durban

Issue #71 (December 2010), Focus: COP16's Results
Editorial p. 2
• Can
cun Can? Not at all !
World: pp. 3-4
• COP16 Results: Report from an INFORSE Member from the South
• CDM Projects Increase Emissions
• Southern Voices on Climate Change New Project: 2011-12

Publications p. 10
• Climate Change NGO Country Reports – 2010, by INFORSE-Europe

Issue #70 (October 2010), Focus: COP16
Editorial p. 2
• The Climate Race against Time
World pp. 3-4
• Climate Negotiations, Next Steps
• A New CDM
• Climate Change Continues

Issue #69 (June 2010)
Editorial p. 2
A New Cure for CO2 is Needed

World p. 3
Climate Negotiations, Slowly Gearing Up towards COP 16
Europe: EU Policy pp. 4-5
Several articles, including:
30% Greenhouse-gas Reductions
EU Swamoed with CO2 Allowances
Unclear EU-Fast start Climate Funding
Theme: School - Climate & Energy (pp. 7-9)

Issue #68 (April 2010)
World p. 3
Climate after Copenhagen

Theme: Gender, Climate & Energy (pp. 7-11)

Issue #67 (December 2009)

Editorial p. 2
Don’t Fear a Sustainable Energy Transition
World p. 3
Climate in Copenhagen
Events p. 11
INFORSE at COP15, Copenhagen

Issue #66 (October 2009)
Cold Climate Negotiations p. 3-4
An Inadequate Financial
Proposal from the EU
Don’t Nuke the Climate
Worse Climate Change Ahead
Stronger IRENA Going to Abu Dhabi
Events p. 11
Overview of Events in Copenhagen during UNFCCC COP15

Issue #65 (July 2009)
Towards a Copenhagen Deal via Bonn anf G8
Theme: Women, Climate and Energy

Issue #61 (July 2008)
INFORSE at Climate Conference in Poznan, Poland. p. 3.
EU policy Update: Energy and Climate Package, p. 5
Solar Energy Leads in Indian Climate Action Plan p. 8

Issue #60 (April 2008)
Women-Energy-Climate Theme:
- Don’t nuke the climate“ Women Actions in Bali, p.3
- Women’s Role in the UN Climate Process: from Berlin to Bali and Beyond, p.4
- No Climate Justice without Gender Justice, Women activities in February, 2008 in Monaco, p.5

EU Update:
- EU Energy & Climate Packet, p.11

Issue #59 (December 2007)
- Editorial: Climate Changing in Bali - Raising Hopes, p. 2-3
- Sustainable Energy Vision 2050 presented in 4 countries p. 4-5
- EU Policy Update p.6-7
Emission Trading, Don't Nuke the Climate.
- Energy Watch Group Reports p. 11

Issue #58 (October 2007)
- INFORSE "15 years Good Work for Our World"
Anniversary Issue where the INFORSE's activities are reviewed.
Among others:
- Sustainable Energy Vision 2050, (Zero C02 Emission by 2050), p. 4
- Energy and Climate in schools resource database, p. 3

Issue #57 (August 2007)
- Editorial: Critical Mass Needed for Sustainable Energy p. 2
Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) Failed on Energy, p. 3
INFORSE-Europe Presents Sustainable Energy Vision for Latvia p. 4

- Zero Carbon Britain p. 5

- Carbon - Minus Tokyo, p.11 (Article on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's new Climate Change Strategy)
- "Climate Change? Not with My Money", p. 11 (Article on a Dutch campaign monitoring Dutch banks investments
- Record Uranium Price, p.9
(Resource article supporting the NGOs work supporting the campaign "Don't Nuke the Climate").

Issue #56 (April 2007)
- CSD 15: Challenge for Sustainable Energy, p3.
- Updated Scientific Basis for Climate Strategies (IPCC) p. 4.
- New Vision 2050: Lithuania and Latvia p. 5
(Zero C02 Emission by 2050)
- EU Update: New EU Climate Targets & New EU Energy Policies, p. 6

Issue #53 (June 2006)
INFORSE at the UN CSD-14 p. 3

Issue #52 (March 2006)
EU Update: Climate Review
p. 7
Within European Climate Change Program, INFORSE-Europe is participating together with CAN-Europe
Energy and Global Sustainable Development p. 3
INFORSE at CSD in May 2006, Vision 2050 Side Event; Sustainable Energy Watch to CSD
Oil Peak Is Just Around the Corner - What goes Up must Come Down p. 4

Issue #51 (December 2005)
World & Gender
p. 9-10
Success in Climate Talks, Montreal COP1/MOP1 (p.9)
Montreal Marked a "New Era" for Gender and Climate (p.9-10)

Issue #50 (September 2005)
INFORSE/World p. 3
- NGOs Demand Sustainable Energy for Development - CSD Process

Issue #49 (June 2005)
Europe p. 5-8
• EU Policy Update
- New EU Climate Targets

Issue #48 (March 2005)
Editorial p. 2
• Hope for the Climate

World/INFORSE p. 3
• Is the Perception of Climate Change Gendered?
Europe p. 4-7
• Snowmen Against Climate Change

Issue #45 (May 2004)
Publications /WEB sites p.15
• 101 Solutions The DIY Guide to Climate Change By e Greenhouse Trust, Cartoons from Polyp.

Issue #43 (December 2003)
Europe Activities p. 5-9
• Climate and Development First Step to a EU Strategy

Issue #41 (June 2003)
World/INFORSE p. 3
• CSD Energy in 2006-07
• Global Warming Could Come Fast

Issue #39 (December 2002)
Editorial p. 2
• Prevent Dangerous Man-made Climate Change
• UNFCCC: COP8 Ends with No Excitement

Issue #38 (October 2002)
Europe p. 4-9
• INFORSE-Europe Activities
- 80% CO2 reductions