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INFORSE-Europe Sustainable Energy Seminar in Denmark
General Meeting - August 25 & Rio+25 Anniversary
August 21-24/25, 2017

INFORSE-Europe organized a one-week European NGO Seminar at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark on August 21-24, 2017.

The Seminar focused on transition to sustainable energy, community power and development of ideas for how we can push the transition forward with new initiatives and projects.

After the Seminar, INFORSE-Europe had General Meeting on August 25, 2017.

Download: Program (pdf) and Intro Leaflet (pdf file)

The Proceedings:

Monday August 21, 2017
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Presentation of The Center and the Ideas Behind (pdf file 3,6 MB)
by Jane Kruse and Leire Gorroño, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark.

Transition to Sustainable Energy: How Can We Change Country To Renewable Energy?

Fast Transition of Denmark to Renewable Energy, NGO Vision Versus National Plans
(pdf file 2 MB)
by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe, SustainableEnergy, Denmark.

Transition of Western European Countries to Renewable Energy - How To Make It Happen?

Examples from the United Kingdom (pdf file 3,9 MB)
by Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), UK.

Examples from France (pdf file 812 kB) 
by Marc Jedliczka, HESPUL/CLER/negaWATT, France.
Transition of Eastern European Countries to Renewable Energy
Transition of Ukraine (pdf file 1 MB)
by Olexandra Tryboi, Renewable Energy Agency, Ukraine.
Transition of Belarus (pdf file 318 kB)
by Dzimitry Buronkin, Centre for Environmental Solution (CES), Belarus.
Transition of Macedonia (pdf file 411 kB)
by Jasmina Said, EKO-svest, Macedonia.
Transition of Armenia (pdf file 1 MB)
by Artashes Sargsyan, Ecoteam, Armenia.
Local Transition to Renewable Energy
Transition of Islands - Samsø, Denmark (pdf file 2,2MB)
by S
øren Hermansen, Samsø Energy Academy, Denmark.
Transition of Subotica in Serbia to Renewable Energy (pdf file 2,6 MB)
by Nikola Perusic, CEKOR, Serbia.
Guided Tour at the Folkecenter

by Jane Kruse, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark.

Learn more about the Folkecenter here.

Tuesday August 22, 2017
Introducing the NGO Networking for Sustainable Energy and INFORSE-Europe

25 Years of Networking and the Roles of Civil Society in the Future
(pdf file 1,1 MB)
by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe, SustainableEnergy, Denmark.
Introducing Community Power
The Concept, Results and Succeses - Danish examples (pdf file 1,3 MB)
by Henning Bo Madsen, SustainableEnergy, Denmark. 
Examples from Europe (pdf file 1 MB) REScoop in EU (pdf file 408 kB)
by Josh Roberts (via Skype) REScoop, Buxelles.
Prosumers Overtaking Energy Supply

How Can Consumers Produce their Own Power and Ultimately Meet Close to Half of EU's Electricity Demand?
(pdf file 721 kB)
by Henning Bo Madsen, SustainableEnergy, Denmark.
Workshop: Developing Ideas for Community Power in Own Country/Community.
How to Get Funding for Joint Activities?
by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe, SustainableEnergy, Denmark.
Presentation of participants' own activities

Adam Harmat

Paul Allen (CAT, UK), Daria Mytareva (Friends of Baltics, Russia), Adam Harmat, Tamas Soha, Gabor Horvath (EPEN, Hungary), Csaba Csontos, Maria Persa and Bence Nagy (E-ambassadors, Hungary), Dariusz Smiechowski (GAP Poland), Jacob Sorensen (NOAH, Denmark), Anna Smumeiko-Ackermann (NECU, Ukraine) and more.

Wednesday August 23, 2017
EU Transition to Sustainable Energy
How EU Legislation and Support is Supporting and Limiting the Transition to Renewables and the Development of Energy Communities

by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe, SustainableEnergy, Denmark.
(pdf file 1,3 MB),
Josh Roberts, REScoop, Bruxelles. (pdf file 645 kB),
Toni Vidan, Zelena Akcija, Croatia. (pdf file 2,4 MB)
Thursday August 24, 2017
Workshops: Developing Project/Activity Proposals in Groups.
25-year Networking Anniversary Fest
We celebrated that INFORSE was established 25 years ago in Rio at the Earth Summit in 1992.

INFORSE members are networking on national, regional, EU and UN levels. INFORSE also has consultative status at UN ECOSOC and UNFCCC, and as such has been participating on the UN Climate conferences.
Friday August 25, 2017
General Meeting of the Members of INFORSE-Europe.