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INFORSE has participated on CSD 9, and on the preparations for the UN Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD)’s sessions (CSD14 and CSD15) on energy, 2006-2007, that focuses on energy for sustainable development.
This includes supplying written inputs as well as participation in the Beijing Renewable Energy Conference and in some UN regional preparatory meetings, such as the meeting for the European conference held December 15-16, 2005 in Geneva. In this activity, INFORSE cooperates with other NGO networks such as European Eco-Forum, CURES, HELIO, NGO EnergyCaucus to CSD, and ANPED.

INFORSE works for the best possible international framework for a global transition to sustainable energy, including:
• phase-out of harmful subsidies;
• changes in international energy lending and technical assistance to support renewable energy and energy efficiency; and
• actions by international institutions to prioritise sustainable energy, in existing institutions as
well as with the creation of a new international institution for that purpose.

Read on INFORSE Participation on:
- UN CSD 15, 2007, New York,
April 30 - May 11, 2007
- UN IPM for CSD 15, 2007, New York
February 26-March 2, 2007

- UN CSD14, May 1-14, 2006, New York
- Renewable Energy Conference, 2005, Beijing
- Preparation Conference til UN CSD14, December 15-16, 2005, Geneva

See more about UN CSD:
- UN CSD website

The NGOs are not the only ones that prepare for CSD; all sectors and many partnerships are preparing their inputs to CSD. In particular, the energy partnerships from Johannesburg World Summit for Sustainable Development and the Renewables2004 conference will be active. That includes the Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition, the REN21 Renewable Energy Policy Network, and several others. Experience from previous sessions of CSD show that lobbyists for fossil-fuel and nuclear energy will be very active as well, trying to maximise promotion of their unsustainable technologies.