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The International Network for Sustainable Energy is a network of more than 140 NGOs that are working for sustainable energy solutions to protect the environment and reduce poverty.

  4 June 2014 - Bonn, Germany
UN Climate Change COP Pre-Conference to COP19.
Launch of Publication: "Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection"

- How energy can be provided sustainably, reducing emissions and increasing wellbeing
Cases in Asia and Africa. Compiled by the INFORSE members.
The Draft was Launched at UNFCCC COP19 in Poland, 2013.
Read: Leaflet with Frontpage and Contents. (pdf, 2-page)
Download the full text as pdf from Publication (from June 2014).
  May 2014 - Togo
Regional NGO Meeting and INFORSE-West Africa Regional Meeting in Togo.

Contact: INFORSE-West Africa c/o ENDA-Energy.

11-22 November 2013, Warsaw, Poland
INFORSE - Africa participates at UNFCCC COP 19

18 November, 2013, Time: 16.45-18.15

11-22 November 2013

Title: "New Solutions of Climate Mitigation in South & North; NGO Voices; Technology Mechanism"

Presentations from INFORSE-Africa:
- Mahamadou Diarra from Mali Folkecenter
- Djimingue Nanasta from ENDA/INFORSE West Africa Coordinator, Senegal
See Proceedings, Pictures at INFORSE-AIWC-HELIO Side Event.

INFORSE has Consultative status at the UNFCCC and ECOSOC.
Read on INFORSE-Africa's participation on previous UN Conferences

Southern Voices 19 November 2013 - Warsaw Poland
Side Event: Southern Advocacy and Campaign Experiences: Including the "Southern Voices on Climate Change" Program, where INFORSE Africa is active.
Read more on SV COP19 Side Event

7-9 November 2013, Warsaw, Poland
Pre-COP19 International Training Workshop: Advocacy & Campaign Strategies to Counter Climate Change.
Organised by the Southern Voices on Climate Change Project.
Read more on SV Pre-COP19 Workshop
INFORSE Publication Energy Access and Climate 18 November 2013
Launch of Publication (draft): "Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection"

- How energy can be provided with sustainable energy, reducing emissions and increasing wellbeing"
Cases in Asia and Africa
Compiled by the INFORSE members.
Draft Launched at UNFCCC COP19.
Read Contents (1 page pdf)
Final Version will be Online in June 2014.
Full pdf file, 4.8 MB, 78 pages, Gender in Sustainable Energy News 2001-2012
Reader: Gender Climate and Energy 2001-2012

Compilation of Articles on Gender in Sustainable Energy News

Read more and download the Publication: SEN Gender.
INFORSE Publication Energy Access 2012-13 Publication Energy Access Cases in Africa and Asia
Compiled by the INFORSE members
  2013: News from INFORSE - West Africa:

- 4-18 June 2013: " Environmental Pact" by the Civil Society in Mali Launched in a Forum oranised by the Ministry. It was drafted Mali-Folkecenter in collaboration with the Malian Civil society network on climate chang since 2012.

- 17-21 April 2013: "Déclaration of Conakry" from the Réseau Climat Développement Annual Meeting. 20 participants from 17 countries, including INFORSE members like ENDA and Mali Folkecenter.

- 6 February 2013: Workshop on Sustainable Biofuels in Mali organised by Mali Folkecenter.

- Capacity building and Inception meeting of the project on Vulnerability Assessment and Integration of Climate Change into Local Development Plans of two districts in Dakar and Fatick in Senegal.
  2013: News from INFORSE - East Africa:

- October 2013: INFORSE Regional Meeting in East Africa apacity
2012 - 2014
The "Southern Voices" on Climate Change Capacity Building Programme continues with Phase 2.
The capacity building of INFORSE-West Africa and East Africa is coordinated by VedvarendeEnergi - a Danish Member of the Program's Consortium and the INFORSE-West Africa Coordinator (ENDA) and INFORSE East Africa Coordinator (CDI).

November-December, 2012, Doha, Qatar
INFORSE-Africa participated at UNFCCC COP 18.

Title: Climate-proofing Affordable Energy Services: Local Experiences that Support Sustainable Development

Presentations from INFORSE-Africa:
- Djimingue Nanasta from ENDA/INFORSE West Africa Coordinator, Senegal
- Pierre Dembele from Mali Folkecenter
- Yaovi Joseph Kogbe, FOE Togo / HELIO International
See Proceedings, Pictures at INFORSE-HELIO Side Event.

INFORSE has Consultative status at the UNFCCC and ECOSOC.
Read on INFORSE-Africa's participation on previous UN Conferences

Southern Voices 21-23 November 2012, Doha Qatar
Pre-COP18 International Training Workshop:
Climate Change Advocacy

Organised by the Southern Voices on Climate Change Project
Read more on SV Pre-COP18 Workshop
June 2012 - Rio+20, Place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). Read: INFORSE at Rio+20 (UNCSD)
21 May, 2012, Bonn Germany
New report by the Southern Voices programme, involving
INFORSE, Climate Action Network, CLACC and other networks:
Report Reveals Key Role for Civil Society in Policymaking in a Changing Climate

Download the Report from the Project's web site:

Press Release: pdf file (21 kB)

Read more on INFORSE at the Southern Voices Project.
2011 - 2012: News from INFORSE - East Africa
- January 2012: INFORSE-East African NGO Meeting on Financing Renewable Energy, Kampala, Uganda.
- October 2011: East African NGOs Meeting on Energy
- 25 August 2011: INFORSE National NGO Meeting, Kampala, Uganda
2011 - 2012: News from INFORSE - West Africa
January 19, 2012: INFORSE-West Afica Meeting in Niamey
28 November - 9 December, 2011, Durban, South Africa
INFORSE participated as NGO observer at the UNFCCC COP17.
INFORSE participation included: Exhibition and a Side Event on Friday, December 2, 2011.
Several INFORSE Afica members participated (e.g. CDI, Uganda; ENDA, Senegal; Mali Folkecenter).
See more at INFORSE at COP17
Jan 2011 - June 2012
INFORSE Participates in the "Southern Voices" on Climate Change capacity building programme with focus on African and South Asian INFORSE regions and NGOs.
  13-17 June, 2011
INFORSE participates as observer to the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations in Bonn, represented by Timothy Byakola, INFORSE East Africa.
29 November - 10 December, 2010
INFORSE participated as NGO observer at the UNFCCC COP16, Cancún, México.
Among the INFORSE members the delegates were:
- Emil Bedi, INFORSE-Europe Coordinator /FAE, Slovakia
- Raymond Myles, INFORSE-South Asia Coordinator /INSEDA, India
- Secou Sarr, ENDA, INFORSE-Africa Coordinator
- Pierre Dembele, Mali Folkecenter / HELIO International
- GERES, France
From INFORSE Africa participated: ENDA (Senegal) and Mali Folkecenter. ENDA also participated with its own exhibition stall.

Read more at INFORSE-Europe's website.

3 December, 2010:
Launch of a new NGO project “Southern Voices Capacity Building Programme"
The 2011-2012 Project is coordinated by CARE Denmark and is funded by DANIDA. INFORSE-Africa is participating.
The involved INFORSE organisations among others: From Africa: ENDA, and the Mali Folkecenter. From Europe: The Danish Organisation for Sustainable Energy (VE), From Asia: INSEDA, India.

Top from left:
William Chadza, CEPA, Civil Society Network on Climate Change, Malawi; Boubakar Fall, CLACC fellow, ENDA, Senegal; Emmanuel Seck, CAN West Africa, ENDA, Senegal; Hannah Reid, IIED; Ange David Baime, JVE, Ivory Coast, member of WANET CSD; Sherpard Zvigadza, CLACC fellow, ZERO, Zimbabwe; Poul Erik Lauridsen, CARE Denmark; Pierre Dembele, WANET CSD, Mali Folkecenter, Mali; Maiga Mahamadou Farga, CLACC Fellow, Amade Pelcode, Mali; Mónica Lópes Baltodano, Suswatch, Nicaragua.

Bottom from left: Moussa Na Abou Mamouda, AfricaAdapt, ENDA, Senegal (previous CLACC Fellow); Sanjay Vashist, CAN South Asia; Charles Meschack, Tanzania Forest Conservation Group, member of Accra Caucus on REDD and Forests; Achala Chandani, CLACC Fellow Bangladesh, Caritas Bangladesh; Taukei Kitara, TuCAN, Tuvalu; Vivian Lanuza, Suswatch, Guatemala, Fundacion Solar; Raymond Myles, INFORSE South Asia, Inseda, India; Marstella Jack, CAN Micronesia; Maria Isabel Olazabal, Ibis Central America; Peter With, Coordinator, Southern Voices Capacity Building Programme; Mahima Njaidi, Mjumita Forest Network, Tanzania; Raja Jarrah, Care Tanzania – Accra Caucus; Betty, Mjumita Forest Network, Tanzania; Oumar Tankari, Care Niger; Maïmouna Konaré, FEMNET Mali, AWLAE; Elvin Nyakura, CLACC Fellow Kenya, ACTS.

Read more at the INFORSE at "Southern Voices on Climate Change" Project.

December 7-18, 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark
INFORSE participated as NGO observer at the UNFCCC COP15.
INFORSE also had an exhibition stall and a side event both at the Bella center and at the Klimaforum at the DGI-Byen Center.
From the INFORSE Africa Coordinators participated: ENDA (Senegal), Earthlife Africa (South Africa), CDI (Uganda). ENDA also participated with its own exhibition stall.

Read more on the INFORSE-Africa's participation at COP15:
- INFORSE at COP15 (overview)
- December 14, 2009, COP15 Side Event at the Bella Center, Proceedings and Pictures
- December 9, 2009, COP15 side Event at the Klimaforum09, Pictures and Proceedings

- INFORSE exhibitions at Klimaforum'09 and at the
Bella Center.

2009 April:

INFORSE-members Cooperation Project in Uganda.
JEEP, Nordic Folkecenter, Mali Folkecenter

2009 January:

Publication of INFORSE-East Africa Cooperation
Sustainable Energy Solutions in East Africa
CDI, TaTEDO, FoE Norway

December 15, 2008
INFORSE participated as NGO observer at the UNFCCC COP14, December 1-12, 2008.
INFORSE also had an exhibition stall and a side event.
From the INFORSE Africa Coordinators participated: ENDA (Senegal) and Earthlife Africa (South Africa). ENDA also participated with its own exhibition stall.
Read more on the INFORSE participation at the conference at COP14

July, 2008
- German Volunteers to Africa: If your organisation in Africa, would like to host a young volunteer from Germany, please read the German INFORSE member Artefact's call: Solivol.

July, 2008 - Play to electricity in Namibia. Article in Sustainable Energy News (SEN) issue 61. See at page 9 on SEN # 61.

INFORSE-Africa participated at the UN CSD 15, 2007 and CSD 14 2006. See more at UN CSD.
INFORSE-Africa participated in the the International Renewable Energy Conference in Bonn, June 2004.
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  INFORSE organisations in Africa follow the EU Energy Initiative for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development.

Follow-up from Johannesburg 2002.

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